Valley of Lost Souls (1923)

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Although the Northwest Mounted Police theme had been done to death the year before, a film featuring a Mountie's heroics would still pop up now and again, and this programmer was one of them. Disguised as a civilian, Sergeant MacKenzie (Victor Sutherland) comes to the town of Lachine to investigate a number of murders committed in a nearby valley. The latest victim is the brother of Julie Lebeau (Muriel Kingston). When she and MacKenzie meet, they fall in love, sparking the jealousy of Jacques (Luis Alberni), a half-breed who wants Julie for himself. Jacques offers his services as a guide to MacKenzie and they head into the valley together. When Jacques figures out that MacKenzie is a Mountie he dynamites the hut where they have sought refuge. MacKenzie manages to escape, but then Jacques knocks him unconscious and heads back to Lachine to kidnap Julie. When MacKenzie comes to, he rescues the girl and captures Jacques, who turns out to be a bootlegger and the murderer.