Valley of Doubt (1920)

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Thurston Hall and Arline Pretty have the lead roles in this northwoods drama. Hilgrade (T.J. Murray) sends his wayward son, Tommy (Robert Agnew), to a Canadian lumber camp in the hopes that the rough life will straighten him out. Tommy's sister, Marion (Pretty), goes along to keep an eye on him. Jack Macy, the lumber foreman (William Davidson), becomes interested in Marion, but he's also the one who is visiting the local saloon with Tommy. When Marion sprains her ankle in the snow, she is rescued by Jules Bonnivet, a handsome young French Canadian (Hall). Macy attempts to ruin their romance by convincing Marion that Bonnivet is the one who is drinking with her brother. Marion finds out this is not true, but Tommy, who believes that Bonnivet has insulted his sister, tries to whip him. Marion stops him. It all comes to a head when Bonnivet and Macy are duking it out -- a mob assembles because a man believes that Bonnivet has wronged his daughter. Macy turns out to be the guilty party, and he is strung up while Bonnivet is freed.