The Pye-Dog (2007)

Run Time - 90 min.  |   Countries - Hong Kong  |  
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Innocent eyes mask mysterious intentions in this drama about an introverted criminal tasked with kidnapping the son of his gang leader's reviled nemesis. As a young orphan, Dui resorted to gadgetry and improvised self-defense mechanisms in order to defend himself from his bullying peers. The closest thing Dui ever had to a father was a shady, mid-level crook who taught him how to use his skills for nefarious means, in the process providing the awkward adolescent with all the tools needed to grow into a career criminal. Years later, Dui has learned to hide his spark behind a stony face and glassy eyes. Provided with a name and photograph by his mentor, Dui takes a job as an elementary school teacher in order to get closer to his target: the twelve year old son of a powerful gangster. For what it's worth, Wang too may as well be an orphan; his father has vanished without a trace and his mother committed suicide, leaving the mute schoolboy to live alone with his elderly grandmother. At first Dui doesn't realize that Wang is his target, and begins to form a strong bond with the boy as his feelings are stirred by the affections of shy teacher Miss Cheung. Just as exciting new possibilities begin to unfold for all three, however, dark plans begin to unfold and unexpected twists arise.