The Invisible Man (2000)

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Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Debuting June 9, 2000 on cable's Sci-Fi Channel, the weekly, hour-long The Invisible Man was the third TV series based upon the same-named book by H.G. Wells--and like its predecessors, it paid only lip service to fidelity to its source. This time the principal character was career criminal and con artist Darien Fawkes (Vincent Ventresca), who to avoid life imprisonment agreed to participate in an experiment conducted by his scientist brother David (Kevin Burke). Unfortunately, in mid-experiment Kevin was killed by terrorists, leaving Darien with an invisibility gland permanently imbedded in his neck. Whenever he was frightened, the gland would secret a special quicksilver mixture that would render him (what else?) invisible: Unfortunately, there was always the possibility that Darien would be overcome by "Quicksilver Madness" unless he was supplied with a temporary antidote. A shadowy government agency called simply The Agency agreed to keep Darien supplied with antidote injections provided that he render certain special services, using his ability to disappear and reappear on behalf of Uncle Sam. Also in the cast were Darien's boss Charles Bowden, aka The Official (Eddie Jones); his unkempt, highly neurotic partner Bobby Howes (Paul Ben-Victor); sharpely scientist Claire Keeply, aka The Keeper (Shannon Kenny), who regularly supplied Darien with the short-term antidote that prevented him from going insane; Michael McCafferty as bumptuous bureaucrat Albert Eberts, who regularly shifted sponsorship of the Agency from one regulatory department to another to keep it solvent; and beginning in Season Two, obstreperous government operative Alex Monroe (Brandy Ledford), who took charge of both Darien and the Agency principally to locate her long-missing son. This incarnation of The Invisible Man lasted two seasons and 46 episodes, which were still being rerun on Sci-Fi nearly five years after its official cancellation.