The Mystery Girl (1918)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

In this mystery adventure (based on the novel, Green Fancy, by author George Barr McCutcheon), the Great War is merely a backdrop for various intrigues and counter-intrigues. Ethel Clayton plays Countess Therese, heir to the throne of Lurania (one of your average, every-day mythical kingdoms), and who is driving an ambulance incognito on the French front. Her Uncle, Prince Sebastian (Winter Hall) sends her a message by carrier pigeon, instructing her to meet him at Green Fancy, a manor somewhere in New England, with the crown jewels. Her reply is intercepted by a crafty thief, Chester Naismith (Charles West). He joins forces with Prince Ugo (Clarence Burton), pretender to the Luranian throne -- Naismith wants the jewels, Ugo wants the Countess. On her way across the ocean, Countess Therese encounters an American soldier (Henry Woodward). Captain Barnes has been sent home because of a weak heart, but that doesn't stop him from falling in love with Therese. Prince Ugo attempts to double-cross Naismith, Naismith gets away with the jewels, and Captain Barnes and Countess Theresa wind up back in Europe to fight the war, but now as a married couple. Although an entertaining picture, it had a number of faults, including a weak end, showing why, when it came to films, William C. DeMille (who was well-respected in the theater world) was always in the shadow of his flashier brother, Cecil.