Out of Darkness (1915)

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Helen Scott (Charlotte Walker) owns a large cannery in Florida which employs hundreds of women and children who are being paid slave wages. The factory's manager (Thomas Meighan) comes to New York to ask for better working conditions, but Helen refuses to see him. He tries again when she is vacationing in Florida, and again she turns him down. But while she is there she is involved in a boating accident and a blow on the head erases her memory. She is found and taken in by a kindly but poor family who sends her to work at the cannery. So she and the manager finally meet up, although he doesn't know who she is (nor does she!). The workers finally revolt and strike. They set fire to the factory and since they blame the innocent manager, they tie him up and leave him in his office. Helen, who has fallen in love with him, comes to his rescue. The shock of this ordeal brings back her memory, and she finally works things out for the good of all.