Shot in the Frontier (1954)

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This was a particularly witty short for the Three Stooges during the latter part of their Shemp Howard era. Three young lovelies -- Ella, Bella and Stella -- are waiting anxiously for the arrival of their sweethearts, who come lumbering in on the back of a placid burro. They're none other than Larry, Moe, and Shemp, and they quickly hustle the girls off to be married. But only moments after the ceremony, the girl inform the Stooges that the notorious Noonan boys are gunning for them. The Stooges would just as soon leave town, but their new wives won't countenance their cowardice. They're stuck having to face the Noonans if they want to stay married. The resulting shoot-out (in satirical High Noon fashion) begins with the Stooges seeking cover behind some tombstones displayed in front of an undertaker's storefront (the place is named with the usual bad puns -- Diggs, Graves and Berry Undertakers, M. Balmer, Manager). In spite of this ominous sign, the bad guys are no match for Stooges-type mayhem and are soon defeated. The girls congratulate them while an annoying old codger -- who's been singing and playing guitar throughout the whole picture -- emerges to serenade them once again.