Gents in a Jam (1952)

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The Three Stooges are about to be evicted from their apartment in this comic short. To pay the rent, they offer to do some painting for the landlady, Mrs. MacGruder. The landlady warns them that the "furnishings cost a pretty penny," so it's no surprise that the Stooges wreck the place. They're packing to leave when Shemp gets a telegram announcing that his Uncle Fineus (Emil Sitka) is coming to visit. Since Fineus is worth six million dollars, the landlady allows them to stay. While they're preparing a feast in the kitchen (and creating more disasters), their pretty new neighbor comes by to borrow a cup of sugar. Shemp accidentally destroys her skirt only moments after hearing that her husband is the strongest man in the world -- a guy that tears up phone books for pleasure. While the boys are frantically trying to hide the wife, Uncle Fineus shows up. He winds up in the middle of a fracas between the strongman husband and the Stooges. Just when the big guy is giving Shemp the worst of it, the landlady shows up. She knocks the strongman down with one slug and then walks in on Fineus, who turns out to be her childhood sweetheart. They decide to get married, leaving the Stooges out of the money and at the mercy of the strongman. Once again, Fineus is knocked down as he remarks, "All I wanted was a nice, quiet visit!"