The Tooth Will Out (1951)

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This Columbia short subject starts out with a familiar Three Stooges scenario; the boys have just been fired from their latest job and are being tossed out on their cans. They go from working at the Dainty Dolly Dish Co. to being dishwashers for the Vesuvius Ravioli Company. Predictably they're fired again, and they've made the chef so furious that he chases them down the street with a meat cleaver. To escape him, the boys wind up in some strange offices run by Vernon Dent. It turns out to be a dentistry college of sorts, which hands out diplomas after a week of training and a five-dollar tuition. The Stooges only have four dollars, but they're accepted into the program anyhow. A week later, they emerge as the worst students of the bunch (the vicious-looking dentures Shemp creates have a life of their own), and the school's head suggests that they begin their practice far, far away. They take him up on his suggestion and wind up in the Western town of Coyote Pass. Their first patient is subjected to the torture of a jackhammer-like drill and they haven't finished with him when a tough cowboy walks in. He tosses the first guy out and threatens the Stooges with his gun if they hit a nerve. To be on the safe side, they gas him and while he's asleep they carefully read through the instruction manual. Unfortunately, it's a manual for amateur carpentry. Nevertheless, they manage to extract the cowboy's tooth -- only it's the wrong one. The angry cowboy aims his gun at the boys, who head for the hills.