Love at First Bite (1950)

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This Three Stooges short opens up with the boys happily cleaning house in anticipation of the arrival of their fiancees (not unlike the beginning of 1952's Corny Casanovas). This time they're engaged to three different girls, who they all met in Europe while in the service. They nostalgically reminisce about meeting their sweethearts in a flashback sequence -- Larry met his girl in a restaurant in Italy, Moe found his washing a floor in Vienna, while Shemp first encountered his on the Rue de Schlmiel in Gay Paree. They drink a toast by downing huge mugs of Old Panther whisky and immediately get soused. After winding up in a drunken argument, Moe and Shemp decide to "fight a drool." They squirt each other with seltzer bottles and when Shemp blacks out, Moe and Larry think he is dead. To get rid of the "corpse," they decide to encase his feet in cement and dump him in the ocean. They only accomplish the first half of this before falling asleep. When they wake up, they have no idea how Shemp's feet got stuck in a tub of cement (with a round bottom, which makes him bob up and down like a punching bag). Dynamite won't free him, but it does send them flying to the docks, where the girls are waiting. The feet-in-cement-tub joke was used in 1936 by yet another famous comic team, Laurel and Hardy, in their film Our Relations.