Dunked in the Deep (1949)

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This fast-paced Three Stooges comedy is one of the funnier Shemp-era films. On a radio, an announcer is reporting the theft of secret documents by foreign spies. One of the spies (Gene Roth) is busy cutting open several watermelons and secreting the microfilm inside. Just as he finishes, his neighbors, the Stooges, come knocking at his door to brag about their new job -- passing out handbills for a Dutch cheese company (the flavors are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Beaver Dam, Boulder Dam. and Giva Dam). The spy convinces the boys to take the watermelons and meet him at the pier, where he plans to board a ship to make his getaway. They are more than happy to oblige, but wind up stuck on the ship with the spy as it leaves the port. Like their ill-tempered neighbor, they too are stowaways. The hungry trio manage to steal the spy's salami, but it makes them seasick. In search of fresh air, Shemp opens a porthole and is hit with a gush of water -- several times. After a fitful night's rest (during which Shemp makes a hammock which he promptly sets aflame while lighting his cigarette), they're hungry again and decide to steal the melons. They find the microfilm and finally realize their neighbor is a spy. To avoid being turned over to the authorities, the spy goes after them with a large knife, but in typical Stooges fashion they manage to knock him unconscious. When asked if they're near land yet, Shemp opens up the aforementioned porthole -- and is hit with a faceload of mud.