Half-Shot Shooters (1936)

Run Time - 19 min.  |   Countries - USA  |  
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Even a run-of-the-mill Three Stooges short had its moments, as this one proves. It begins in November, 1918, and Larry, Moe and Curly are sleeping through the end of World War I. The sergeant (Stanley Blystone) wakes them up to tell them the war is over -- and to abuse them, blacking Curly and Larry's eyes and mercilessly twisting Moe's arm. But the Stooges release their pent-up anger at the sarge once they have their discharge papers, and he winds up much the worse for wear. Seventeen years later, it's the depths of the depression and the Stooges are broke and hungry. When they see a diner sitting in front of a sumptuous feast, they get a stray dog to run in and grab the roast chicken. The dog, of course, won't give it up, and the diner is ready to throttle them. Instead, he tricks them into re-enlisting in the Army. The worst part about being back in uniform is that once again they're stuck with the same nasty sergeant. During one drill with a cannon, they are sent out to get the shells and gun powder. When they return they don't realize that target practice has been canceled and proceed to shoot everything in sight, including the admiral's flagship (at this point it's pretty obvious that Columbia thanked its lucky stars for stock footage!). The boys are proud of their work, and the sergeant cheerfully lines them up. But instead of the reward they're expecting, he points the cannon at them and fires. All that's left of the Stooges is their smoking boots.