The Sitter-Downers (1937)

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The ever-growing unionization during the 1930s forms the very basis for this Three Stooges short. The Stooges are courting three sisters -- Corabelle, Florabelle and Dorabelle. Unfortunately, their father, Mr. Bell, refuses to give the happy couples his blessing. Since they can't wed the girls, the Stooges hold a sit-down strike and camp out at dad's home for three weeks. Finally Mr. Bell relents -- and then the Stooges have to figure out which guy gets which girl. They solve the problem by pulling names out of a hat. Because their strike was so widely publicized, the newlyweds have received a load of gifts, including a plot of land and a precut house. The house, however, has to be put together. At first the Stooges refuse to start building, since they're on their honeymoon, but this time their attempt to strike doesn't work out so well. Their blushing brides slug them and Florabelle (the biggest of the three) says, "The honeymoon starts when the house is finished!" So the Stooges get down to work with predictably disastrous results. The final product rivals Buster Keaton's contorted contraption in One Week. Florabelle notices a post in the middle of what appears to be the living room and, thinking it shouldn't be there, pulls it out. But it's the only thing holding the place up, and the walls come crashing down around the three couples.



family-disapproval, father, girlfriend, love, striker