Shivering Sherlocks (1948)

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While this Three Stooges short meanders with little rhyme or reason, it does contain a number of good gags. The cops are on the lookout for a trio of armed car robbers. Instead they find the Stooges in a trash can. They drag the guys in for a lie detector test but the biggest liar turns out to be the police captain (Vernon Dent). The Stooges have fibbed that they work at the Elite Cafe but when they discover that its owner, Gladys (Christine McIntyre), can't make ends meet they offer to work for free. Once again the boys prove that they should never be left alone in a kitchen. After a few minor disasters, they sit down to eat, and over a bowl of clam chowder (with a very "fresh" clam), Moe virtually plays homage to Curly, who had retired from the group two years before. He even imitates Curly's bark. Gladys receives a letter from someone who wants to buy the old homestead for a thousand dollars. The Stooges think she's being cheated, so they go with her. It turns out that the crooks (led, as usual in the Stooges shorts, by Kenneth MacDonald) are using the place as a hideout. The Stooges find their way into the house only to be pursued by a freakish, humpbacked killer named Angel. But Shemp manages to capture all the crooks by standing on a ledge over a doorway and dropping barrels on them as they come through. The cops show up and cart the bad guys off, but Shemp isn't done dropping barrels -- the last one, filled with flour, lands on Moe and Larry.