From Nurse to Worse (1940)

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This Three Stooges comedy is loaded with funny gags. The boys are painters who run into their old friend Jerry, an insurance salesman. He promises them that if they take out a policy on Curly and they prove that he has gone insane, then they can collect 500 dollars a month. So Moe wrestles the money for the policy away from the reluctant Curly and Larry ("This is my favorite dollar!" Curly protests, "I raised it from a cent!"). Their plan works too well -- Moe and Larry bring Curly on a leash to the office of Dr. D. Lerious (Vernon Dent). Curly's pretending to be a dog and his behavior are so outrageous that the doctor decides he must operate. When they hear this, the Stooges panic and run away. Dr. D. Lerious and a policeman chase after them. The boys hide in the back of a dog catcher's truck and are soon infested with fleas. They escape while the truck is being fumigated, and are soon captured by the doctor. Curly is whisked off to the operating room, and Moe and Larry dodge the cop to rescue him. After much mayhem, the trio gets away on a gurney which they sail through the city streets. They run into a man and knock him into a trough of cement. When they pull him out and see it is Jerry, they throw him back in.



con/scam, friendship, insurance, mental-illness, poverty