Laurel and Hardy (1934)

Sub-Genres - Absurd Comedy  |   Countries - United States   |  
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This is an especially violent -- but very funny -- Laurel and Hardy two-reeler. It opens in a courthouse where the vicious Butch Long (Walter Long) is being sentenced for murder. After the judge commends Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy for providing the evidence necessary for the conviction, he gives Long a life sentence. "Aren't you going to hang him?" Stan asks. Long swears revenge on the boys, promising to track them down, break off their legs, and then tie their legs around their necks. With this threat hanging over their heads, the boys decide to leave town. Since they need help financially, they put an ad in the paper for a third party to travel with them, and the ad is answered by a woman (Mae Busch). While Stan and Ollie are on their way to pick her up, her boyfriend shows up -- it's Butch Long, escaped from jail. Quickly, she hides him in the trunk, unaware that he's looking for the guys who are on the way to her home. When the boys arrive, Mae explains that her "friend" fell in the trunk. But the lock is stuck, so Stan and Ollie bore holes in its sides so he has more air. That, and the various ways they attempt to get the trunk open, are all injurious to the ever-angrier Long. Finally, in a rage, the killer bursts open the trunk and sees who his "helpers" have been. Meanwhile, the police have uncovered Long's whereabouts, and they arrive at his girlfriend's apartment to apprehend him. Unfortunately for Laurel and Hardy, the cops are a few minutes too late, and Long has already exacted his promised revenge.



imprisonment, murder, prison, revenge