Matri-Phony (1942)

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This Three Stooges short takes place in the days of "Ancient Erysipelas," where the lusty Octopus Grabus is emperor and Ye Olde Pottery and Stone Works is run by Mohicus, Larrycus and Curleycue, "the biggest chiselers in town." The emperor is on the search for a new wife, but the young lovely that is chosen by one of his men just doesn't want to have anything to do with him. The Stooges try to help her out by hiding her in one of their pots, but they are all caught and brought to the palace. The Stooges are to be thrown to the lions but they manage to escape their captors. Moe and Larry convince Curly to dress up as Octopus's prospective bride while the real one escapes. Luckily the emperor's eyes are bad and Moe and Larry break his glasses, so he's never any the wiser. Finally the boys break for freedom by jumping out one of the palace's windows, but they wind up getting caught, upside-down, on the spears of three guards.