Laurel and Hardy (1931)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

This Laurel and Hardy two-reeler contains a similar premise to Chickens Come Home, and starts off the same way as Should Married Men Go Home? does -- Ollie and his wife (here, it's Gertrude Astor) are spending a quiet evening at home, away from "those Laurels." Just then, Stan and his wife (Linda Loredo) come by, and even though the Hardys pretend they're not home, they get caught in the lie. Stan and Ollie head for the local ice cream parlor. After they finish dealing with Stan's unrelenting wish for chocolate ice cream when there is none, they hear a woman (Mae Busch) saying good-bye to the world as she leaps into the river. With a little help from Stan, Ollie goes in after her. The woman, however, is not grateful at all; in fact she demands that the boys take care of her and follows them home. She tries to extort money from Ollie, who replies that he will "come clean" with the wives. His nerve fails him, though, and the boys try to hide the crazy woman from them instead. Because of Stan and Ollie's odd behavior, the wives conclude that their husbands must be nuts. Finally a detective (Eddie Baker) arrives and apprehends the woman, who by now is locked in the bathroom with Stan. The detective tells Stan he will get a thousand dollar reward. When Ollie asks Stan --who is sitting, totally clothed, in a full bath tub -- what he will do with the money, Stan says he plans to buy a thousands dollars worth of chocolate ice cream. Disgusted, Ollie pulls the tub's plug and Stan disappears down the drain.