Thirty Days (1922)

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At the time this film was released, its star, Wallace Reid, was supposedly spending some time in a sanitarium, getting a much needed rest. The truth was that he had been hospitalized for his morphine addiction, which would kill him within a few months. Reid looks tired and strained here, and this poor excuse for a farce was all wrong for him. It was based on a Broadway play by A.E. Thomas and Clayton Hamilton, but did not translate at all well to the screen. Reid plays John Cadwalader Floyd, who gets himself into a lot of trouble when hot-headed Italian Giacomo Polenta (Hershall Mayall) finds him in the arms of his wife, Rosa (Carmen Phillips). The situation is completely innocent, but Polenta won't even consider that. To get away from the man, who is to depart for his home country in 28 days, Floyd begs his pal, Judge Hooker (Charles Ogle) to lock him away in jail for a whole month. The only problem is that Polenta has been thrown into the clink too. Things get even worse for Floyd when his fiancee, Lucy Ledyard (Wanda Hawley) finds him there. Then there's the bear-like presence of the warden, Marcel (Kalla Pasha, of Mack Sennett fame), to add even more complications. Floyd gets in good with Marcel by finding a shortage in the books and is pardoned early. Polenta also gets out but Floyd and his friends manage to capture him, roll him up in a rug and get him to the steamer that will take him out of America, and out of Floyd's life.



family, escape, extramarital-affair, false-accusation, fiancee, jealousy, on-the-run