The Song of the Soul (1918)

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Lovely Alice Joyce stars in this mediocre Vitagraph feature. Ann (Joyce) naïvely marries Fenton (Percy Standing), not realizing that he is a gambler and a bigamist. When she finds out it is too late -- she has a child and is left all alone. Her son is taken away and she is driven out of her residence in shame. Seven years pass and she returns to her old village to teach school. She discovers that her boy has been apprenticed to a brutal farmer who abuses and starves him. Although she has tried to hide her identity she is found out and sent away once again. Before she goes, she whips the farmer but is unable to take her son with her. Shortly afterwards she meets Dr. Evans (Walter McGrail) and they marry. She convinces him to adopt the boy -- without telling him it's her son. This is the cue for Fenton to show up with blackmail on his mind. Evans thrashes Fenton, who is carted away for a murder he committed. Then Fenton turns to his wife and tells her that he already knows about her past, and that it doesn't matter.



aunt, blindness [physical], disfigurement, fire, friendship, hermit, love, marriage, rescue, self-sacrifice