The Silent Lie (1917)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

After her marriage to director Raoul Walsh, actress Miriam Cooper -- one of D.W. Griffith's stable of actors -- thought she would retire from the screen. But she wound up performing for her husband in many films over the next several years. A number of them -- The Honor System, for example -- were excellent films; others, such as this one, were poorly made potboilers. After her mother runs away with another man, Lady Lou (Cooper) comes to hate her father, Hatfield (Ralph Lewis). When she discovers that he is cheating a stranger (Monroe Salisbury) at gambling, she tells on him. As a result, Hatfield has to flee. He takes his daughter with him, and leaves her to perish in the snow. But she's found by Conahan, a trapper (Charles Clary). He takes her in, falls in love with her, and marries her without digging deeply into her background. Eventually her father finds her and tells Conahan that she's no better than her faithless mother. Conahan angrily heads into the forests while Hatfield further torments his daughter. Finally a priest (Henry C. Barrow) convinces Conahan to return to his cabin, where he saves Lou from her evil father.