Price of Possession (1921)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

Ethel Clayton, who usually played long-suffering women in mediocre dramas, gets a change of pace in this comedy-drama in which her co-star, Rockcliffe Fellowes, has a dual role. James Barston (Fellowes) is the heir to Barston Manor in England, but in Australia he finds that his cousin, bush rider Jim Barston (also Fellowes), is his double. Jim, who wouldn't mind having his cousin's wealth and prestige, steals his identification papers and shoots him. James, however, is only wounded, and a friend of his shoots and kills Jim. All Jim has left his wife, Helen (Clayton), is his cousin's identification papers, so she goes to England and claims Barston Manor. James is furious and is determined to throw her out. When he waves his birth certificate at Helen, she decides she should have it. After several attempts, she finally slips sleeping powder into his scotch and soda and, while he is out cold (or so she believes), she starts searching his bedroom. But James walks in and Helen leaps out the window to the water below. James saves her from drowning, but then he is threatened by the tenants, who have already developed an affection for Helen. Helen is compelled to come to his aid. Predictably, the two of them fall in love and end the film together.