Poppy (1917)

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This Norma Talmadge vehicle has nothing to do with the later musical comedy which featured W.C. Fields and was made into a couple of pictures itself. This Poppy was based on a novel by English writer Cynthia Stockley, and subsequent play by Ben Teal and John P. Ritter. Poppy Destin (Talmadge) is an orphan who runs away from the home where she is living in Africa. She has a brief encounter with the handsome Carson (Eugene O'Brien), who saves her from a native's attack, before she takes refuge with Luce Abinger (Frederick Perry). The degenerate Abinger convinces Poppy that they are going through an adoption ceremony when in reality, it is a marriage ceremony performed in French, a language she doesn't understand. When Abinger goes away on a trip, Carson, who is nearly delirious from fever, happens onto the his land and runs into Poppy again. They make love, but later he only remembers it as a dream. Abinger returns and is enraged when he finds out Poppy is pregnant. She runs away and travels to London where her child dies and she becomes a famous writer under the name of Eve Destiny. She returns to Africa and meets Carson once again. Eventually he recalls who she is and they reunite. Abinger, having a change of heart, offers to annul his marriage so the couple can be together.