Phil-For-Short (1919)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

In this light comedy, Evelyn Greeley plays Damophila Illington -- Phil, for short. Her father (Charles Walcott) is an absent-minded Greek professor, and Phil lives up to her name by dressing up as a boy and looking over the farm which the professor neglects. When the father dies, Phil is to be put in the care of Donald MacWrath (Jack Drumier), an old fossil who wants to marry her. To avoid this fate, Phil dresses in her boy's clothes and hits the road with Pat Mehan (James Fury), a fiddler chum. Along the way she meets John Alden (Hugh Thompson), a Greek teacher at a local college and a staunch misogynist. Phil gets a job as an assistant Greek professor. She pretends to be her "twin brother" so that Alden will pay attention to her. Then one day MacWrath comes around looking for her. She heads for Alden's house in her boy's clothes and spends the night. In the morning, Alden discovers she's a girl and is forced to marry her to save both their reputations. However, he swears he doesn't love her. Phil suspects that he does, and she proves her point by rousing his jealousy. She runs off with violinist Ivanovitch (John Adrizani), without bothering to tell her husband that Ivanovitch's wife has come along, too. Finally Alden acknowledges that women -- and Phil specifically -- are all right after all.