Up Rising (2000)

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The setting for this British sitcom is the village of Rising, which, despite its tranquil veneer, was home for some of the U.K.'s nuttiest residents. First off, there was retired gentleman Ronald Kegworthy (Anton Rodgers) and his snooty wife, Sally (Nicola Pagett), who always found themselves in the most humiliating of situations. Then there was Terry and Maxine Gates (Kevin McNally and Michelle Collins), a vulgar nouveau riche couple whose efforts to crash high society invariably came a cropper. Next, there was a pair of unmarried hipsters, Justin (Dominic Mafham) and Ariadne (Camilla Power), staunch advocates of any alternative lifestyle that happened to be in vogue. And finally, there were uptight lawyer Harriet Revell (Georgia Mackenzie), clumsy handyman Martin Marr (Richard Coyle), and drunken farmer Morrissey (Trevor Cooper). Invariably, all of these characters would become enmesh in an old-fashioned, farcical compromising situation before the final fadeout, replete with slamming doors, blondes in the closet, and gents without trousers. Yielding one 50-minute pilot and four half-hour episodes, Up Rising was carred by ITV from June 25 to July 23, 2000.