Up in Mary's Attick (1920)

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Since she got her start as one of Mack Sennett's bathing beauties, it's no surprise that Eva Novak dons a swimsuit with a lot of other young lovelies in this situation comedy. Mary (Novak) has married Jack Langdon (Harry Gribbon), the physical instructor of the young ladies' seminary where she is being schooled. Because she is underage and risks losing the fortune her uncle has left her, Mary is compelled to keep the marriage a secret, but a baby adds to the complications. At first the young couple leaves it in the care of an Indian woman (Minnehaha). Waldo Pennanink (Clifford Bowes), the son of the school's headmaster (Al Fichlesfield), becomes suspicious of all the time the couple is spending with the Indian woman and the baby. So, Mary takes the infant and hides it up in her attic, which causes even more trouble. Somehow, a diamond necklace, a burglar, and Mary's trip to the seashore with her fellow schoolgirls all figure into the plot. Eventually, it is safe for Mary and Langdon to reveal their marriage, and all is well.