Uomo Avvisato Mezzo Ammazzato...Parola di Spirito Santo (1971)

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Giuliano Carmineo directed this silly sequel to his own Lo Chiamavano Spirito Santo (1970) under the pseudonym "Anthony Ascott." Gianni Garko returns as the Holy Ghost, a supernatural gunfighter dressed in white and with a dove sitting on his shoulder. With his sidekick, the Preacher (Victor Israel), the Holy Ghost rescues some farmers from the fortified prison of the evil Gen. Ruiz (Paolo Gozlino) then raids the castle again for gold treasure aided by some local prostitutes. Pilar Velazquez,Jorge Rigaud, Piero Lulli and Massimo Serato are among the familiar faces in the cast, and Bruno Nicolai's odd musical score is a fine accompaniment to such scenes as the Ghost's dove torturing a man for information by pecking at birdseed on his chest. The series continued with Vassili Karis as the Ghost in Roberto Mauri's ...E Lo Chiamavano Spirito Santo (1972) and its 1973 sequel Spirito Santo e le Cinque Magnifiche Canaglie.