Unwelcome Mrs. Hatch (1914)

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Famous Players brought Henrietta Crosman from the stage to make her screen debut in this domestic drama. The Lorimers (Crosman and Walter Craven) have just become parents, but Mr. Lorimer already has a roving eye. He is secretly involved with Madge (Minna Gale), and asks one of his pals to compromise Mrs. Lorimer. His friend tells Mrs. Lorimer the whole story, but offers her his love. She decides to run off with him, but she changes her mind because of her little girl. Lorimer, however, uses this opportunity to divorce her and marry Madge while keeping custody of the baby. Mrs. Lorimer moves to San Francisco and takes the name of Mrs. Hatch. Eighteen years pass and the little girl, Gladys (Lorraine Huling), grows up into a lovely young woman. When Mrs. Hatch hears that Gladys has become engaged to Jack Adrian (Harold Lockwood), she comes East in hopes of seeing her. The family nurse sneaks her into the Lorimer home on Gladys' wedding day by having her pose as a seamstress. But when she tries to steal a portrait of her daughter, her identity is discovered. It turns out that Harry Brown (Paul Trevor), who is fond of Mrs. Hatch, is present at the wedding. Madge is not happily married, and Brown finds it easy enough to steal her away. She writes Lorimer a letter, just like Mrs. Hatch did, and goes to Brown, who rejects her. The unforgiving Lorimer divorces Madge, while Gladys returns from her honeymoon and reunites with her mother.