Unexpected Places (1918)

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Dick Holloway (Bert Lytell) is a New York reporter who is sent to investigate the death of the valet of Lord Harold Varden (Colin Kenney). He arrives at the hotel just as Lord Varden himself collapses from poisoning. The Englishman is apparently in possession of some papers that are wanted by a group of German spies, and he is sent to the hospital while Dick goes through his room. When Ruth Penfield (Rhea Mitchell) enters and refers to him as "Cousin Harold," Dick goes along with the ruse and winds up at her parents' country home. He phones Varden at the hospital and he urges Dick to keep pretending to be him, but then a woman posing as Lady Varden tries to steal the papers and he has to fess us. The Penfields take this in stride, but then Ruth is kidnapped by the Germans, who demand the papers for her return. Dick arrives with the documents in hand, but instead of giving them up, he grabs Ruth and fights his way out. The Germans give chase, but are captured by the police. Dick turns in a great story, but he gives up newspaper life to become the Penfields' secretary (apparently this is a step up from newspaperman), and Ruth's husband. This film was adapted from a story by Lieutenant Frank R. Adams which appeared in Blue Book magazine.