Understudy (1917)

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Ethel Ritchie plays a dual role in this romance. Georgianna Lane (Ritchie) leaves the farm to try her hand at acting in the big city, but she has no luck. Meanwhile, Anthony Van Alen (Bruce Smith) has discovered that his wife Hope (also Ritchie) has become addicted to morphine. She wants to go away to get treatment, but they're both concerned that if she does, her friends -- who are already suspicious -- will learn the truth. While the couple is at a restaurant discussing the dilemma, Georgianna walks in. They notice the resemblance, and ask her to take Hope's place while she goes for a cure. Georgianna agrees. Van Alen has his nephew Gerald Fownes (Neil Hardin) entertain Georgianna while he attends to his usual business. Fownes -- who doesn't know about the ruse -- thinks that Van Alen is being very neglectful of his wife and starts to fall in love with her himself. Dr. Mache (Frank Erlanger), who was supplying drugs to Hope, tries to blackmail Georgianna. But at the same time, Van Alen receives word to pick Hope up from the sanitarium, so Fownes is left to rescue Georgianna. Finally he decides it would be best if he left town, and he goes to the Van Alens to say good-bye. Even though Fownes admits to being in love with his uncle's wife, Van Alen doesn't seem to be particularly upset. The truth finally comes out, and Fownes goes to find Georgianna. She has already returned to the farm, and that's where they are reunited.