Unconquered (1917)

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While the basic plot to this overwrought drama sounds ludicrous enough to modern-day audiences, its most repugnant aspect is having white character actor Tully Marshall play a "voodoo-crazed Negro servant." Mrs. Jackson (Fannie Ward) is unhappily married. Her husband (Hobart Bosworth) is wealthy, but he's also brutal and cruel, so she lavishes her affection on her son, Billy (Billy Jacobs). Mrs. Lenning (Mabel Van Buren), a widow, sets out to destroy the marriage so she can have Jackson. Richard Darcier (Jack Dean, Fannie Ward's real life husband), is an invalid writer who becomes Mrs. Jackson's protector and Billy's pal. But his caretaker, a Negro servant named Jake (the very poorly cast Marshall) is influenced by a voodoo queen (Jane Wolfe) to make a human sacrifice. He tries to stab young Billy and is taken away to an asylum. Meanwhile, Jackson frames Darcier so that Darcier can be named corespondent in his divorce case. As a result, Jackson wins custody of Billy, and shortly thereafter, he marries Mrs. Lenning. Jake escapes from the asylum and kidnaps Billy. The first Mrs. Jackson rushes to her boy's rescue and convinces Jake that a white woman would make a better sacrifice. He is about to kill her when they are found by Darcier. Jackson admits that his ex-wife should have custody of Billy, and she unites with Darcier.