Two Kinds of Love (1920)

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Fred Watson (Ted Brooks) has headed out West for his health, accompanied by his sister Kate (Jimsy May) and his little boy, Bobby (B. Reeves Eason, Jr., son of the film's director -- and villain -- B. Reeves Eason). They find shelter one evening in an abandoned cabin. Bull Dorgan (Eason), who lives in a nearby shack, explains that its inhabitant, Mason (George McDaniels), was sent to prison for murder. Because he has designs on Kate, he allows the travelers to stick around and invites Fred to help him search for the buried gold that was left behind by Mason. But Mason has been cleared of the murder and shows up. He has the missing part of the map which leads to the gold and Dorgan is determined to get it. Fred finally dies of his illness and Mason proves that Dorgan was guilty of the murder for which he was accused. With Dorgan out of the way, he is able to get to his gold, which he shares with Kate.