Twinkler (1916)

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When Bob Stephany, also known as "the Twinker" (William Russell), gets out of prison, his sweetheart, Rose (Charlotte Burton), convinces him to go straight. This is easier said than done, because he and Rose run afoul of political boss Corregan. Corregan tries to have his way with Rose, but is stopped by Bob. So he trumps up a charge and has Bob arrested so he can attack Rose without interference. But Bob has given Rose a gun and she shoots. So does her ex-con father, who is watching the struggle from a window. Her father's shot hits Corregan, who dies. Rose is accused of his murder, and Bob resorts to theft to get enough money to defend her. But she's convicted anyhow and sentenced to the electric chair. Bob tracks down her father, who is dying, and gets his confession, which he rushes to the governor. The governor sends his secretary to the prison with Rose's pardon, but Bob -- who can't resist one more job -- picks his pocket. To his dismay, he discovers he has picked Rose's pardon and dashes to the prison. But he arrives one hour after the time set for the execution. Rose, however, is still alive -- a faithful friend of Bob's, still behind bars, threw a file in the dynamo and burned out the armature. So Rose is freed, and she and Bob head off for the straight life. According to the studio, the plot to this picture was given to them by "Sing Sing convict number 65368," which only goes to show that anyone can come up with a mess of clich├ęs and make them into a crime drama.