Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (1996)

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Populist filmmaker Jing Wong spins this wild and woolly fantasy-comedy about gods, gambling, and earthly love. The film opens in heaven where the Windfall God (Nat Chan Pak-cheung) is in love with the stunning Angel of Nine Heavens (Christy Chung), who is, in turn, in love with the hunky St. Michael (Michael Wong). Since falling in love is strictly against the rules in behind the pearly gates, the King of Heaven casts Angel and St. Michael back to earth. Heartbroken, Windfall vows to get his love back in the astral plane come hell or high water. With the help of a earth-bound worshipper named Beautiful (Anita Yuen), Windfall manages to track down Angel, who has been reincarnated as a comely 20-year-old named Christie Lee. Much to Windfall's chagrin, Christie has no interest in God. Worse, she is in love with Shing Shing, who is, of course, the reincarnation of St. Michael. Windfall tries one attempt after another to woo Christie to no avail. Meanwhile, the King of Heaven has cottoned on to Windfill's insubordination and he is less than amused.