Twin Kiddies (1917)

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Most actors wait all their lives for the challenge of playing two different characters in the same film; child star Baby Marie Osborne didn't even have to wait until puberty (unlike another child actress of a later era, Hayley Mills, who was a teen when she did The Parent Trap). In Twin Kiddies, Baby Marie plays a spoiled little brat, the granddaughter of a wealthy old curmudgeon (Daniel Gilfether), and a nice little girl, the daughter of the foreman of a mine (Henry King, who also directed). There is a strike, and through a chain of events, the two girls get switched. Somehow this brings the strike to an end and turns the grandfather into a kindly oldster. The fact that Baby Marie was just barely school age makes her acting accomplishment here (not to mention Henry King's directing) all the more impressive.