Twin Flats (1916)

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This amusing one-reeler from Vim features Oliver Hardy in the sort of domestic comedy he would specialize in later on in his career when he would team up with Stan Laurel. In this pre-Laurel film, Hardy's partner in conjugal turmoil is Raymond McKee. In private life, Hardy was known as Babe, and at this point in his career, that's what his characters were named also. Babe and Raymond (McKee) are neighbors and friends who are determined to attend the big poker game. Their wives, however (Kate Price plays Babe's, Florence McLoughlin is Raymond's), are just as determined that they should stay home. As a ruse to get out of the house, each man flirts with the other's wife, then they pretend to get in an argument and beat each other up. An ambulance comes for the "injured" Raymond, who manages to escape. At the game, he discovers that Babe is still home, so he rounds up his pals to get him out. They pretend to be burglars, and Babe's wife, believing they are the real thing, beats them up. Raymond, now really hurt, winds up in the hospital. Babe has managed to escape during the melee and he wins big at the game. He also drinks far too much, and when he goes home, he enters Raymond's place by mistake. Raymond's wife -- who mistakes him for her husband -- knocks him on the head with a rolling pin, and he winds up in the hospital, next to Raymond. This was one of only two films McKee made for Vim -- the other one was A Maid to Order.