Turn (2001)

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Following up on his pedagogical ghost story Gakko no Kaidan, Hideyuki Hirayama spins this otherworldly tale recalling Groundhog Day and Omega Man. Maki (Riho Makise) is a struggling printmaker who still lives with her mother (Mitsuko Baisho) and who is slouching towards 30. Just before her first gallery show, she gets struck by a large truck. When she wakes up, Maki finds herself back at home lying on her sun-dabbled veranda. Though she apparently suffered no injures, she senses that something is deeply wrong. These worries are confirmed went Maki ventures outside to discover that no one is there. Normally bustling city streets and Tokyo boutiques are completely vacant of people. She manages the day by shopping for herself, carefully paying for each purchase along the way. Yet at 2:15 every afternoon, she finds herself magically transported back to that same veranda. One day just as Maki is about to crack from the grinding loneliness of her situation, the phone suddenly rings. On the other end of the line is a Yohei Izumi (Kantaro Nakamura), a designer from the realm of the living. Overjoyed at the prospect of talking to someone, anyone, she tells him of her unusual position and, surprisingly, the guy believes her. Soon a love affair of sorts develops.