Truthful Liar (1922)

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Wanda Hawley generally starred in light comedies, but this time around she made an effort at "emotional acting" (that's what they called it in the silent era). This complicated drama, however, did little for her career. Since her husband David (Edward Hearn) spends so much time concentrating on his engineering concerns, Tess Haggard (Hawley) finds frivolous ways to entertain herself. One night she and her former suitor Arthur Sinclair (Casson Ferguson) go to a gambling hall. Crooks hold up the place and steal all the women's jewelry. The police arrive but Tess and Sinclair have already left. Haggard notices her wedding ring missing and Tess claims that it's out being cleaned. Her lie is discovered, however, when a policeman shows up with the stolen jewelry. Haggard forgives his wife, but berates Sinclair, and Tess writes him a letter complaining about her marriage. The letter falls into the hands of Mark Potts, a politician (George Seigmann), who uses it as a blackmail tool. During a meeting between Tess and Potts, a crook, Peter Vanetti (E.A. Warren), watches and when Tess leaves he enters. He kills Potts and takes both the letter and the money she has left. The police commissioner (Charles K. French) comes by the Haggards and accuses Tess of Potts' murder. Sinclair tries to take responsibility but just then Vanetti shows up. Everyone but Tess hides, and Vanetti, in his attempt to blackmail her, implicates himself. The commissioner grabs his man and hands the letter over to Tess. She gives it to her husband, who burns it without reading it.