Truth About Helen (1915)

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Helen Moore (Grace Williams) runs off with the nephew of Senator Foote, but when their car breaks down, they go to a hotel. A conference is going on there, and the boss politico is choosing his candidate for district attorney. Hugh Graham is the boss's favorite, and also Helen's ex-fiancee. The nephew tries to force himself on her and Graham hears her cries for help. When he rescues her, he is seen by his rival, Gregory, who assumes they are having an affair. He threatens to expose this, and to protect Helen, Graham withdraws from the nomination. A year later, at election time, Graham and Helen cross paths once again. She is staying at the home of Senator Foote, and Graham assumes there is something illicit. He accepts the nomination for Congress and gregory once again brings up Helen. He leaks the story to a paper but instead of taking his word for it, the editor does the responsible thing and investigates the matter. So the truth comes out, Graham is elected and he and Helen marry.