Trixie from Broadway (1919)

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Trixie Darling (Margarita Fisher) is a chorus girl who shuns stage door Johnnies, such as Broadway Benham (George Periolat), for Westerner John Collins (Emory Johnson). Even though he is a rich rancher, Collins takes her to live in a shack to make sure she's true. Since she doesn't cook and isn't too keen in the chores department, she doesn't fare too well. However, when her old show comes through town and the manager offers her her old job for the night -- that she can understand. So she goes on stage dancing, but her husband finds out and furiously drags her off the stage. And he's not the only one who's mad -- the whole town is up in arms about her. They hold a meeting in a barn and, stirred up by Collins' former girlfriend Gertie (Olga Grey), they decide to run her out of town. Trixie invades this meeting and gets involved in a fight with Gertie when the barn bursts into flames. When she courageously saves her tormentor, the villagers decide to forgive her. So does her husband, and they continue their marriage on a far happier note.