Treason (1918)

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Dramatic star Edna Goodrich plays a surprisingly unsympathetic character in this World War I spy picture. A husband is intent on perfecting a new, high-powered explosive and, as a result, he neglects his home life. His wife (Goodrich) becomes increasingly annoyed with her husband's work, and it doesn't help matters when a stranger (Clarence Heritage) comes to stay with them. The truth is that the husband is working for the government and the stranger is Major Clintock of the secret service. The government has asked that the wife be kept ignorant of her husband's mission and as a result, she causes even more trouble than she might have otherwise. The self-centered lady gripes about her situation to Herr Von Aachen who, unbeknownst to her, is a spy (Stuart Holmes). Von Aachen suggests that she could teach her husband a lesson by stealing the formula for the explosive and giving it to him -- for safekeeping, of course. Fortunately, the plot is discovered and the spy is arrested before the ignorant wife does too much damage.