Time Locks and Diamonds (1917)

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This picture starts out the way a lot of crime dramas do -- the lead character is a reformed crook (in this story he's named Silver Jim Farrel and is played by William Desmond), but because an old friend is in need, he decides to do one more job. With the help of his partner (literally) in crime Crabbe (Robert McKim), he pulls a heist on a jewelry store, making away with an extremely valuable necklace. Farrel's sister Marjory (Gloria Hope) is engaged to Ramon Mendoza (George Beranger), and he asks the jeweler's son Edgar Seymour (Rowland Lee) to be best man. Although Seymour recognizes Farrel as the perpetrator, he keeps quiet until after the wedding. Then Farrel reveals to Seymour that his father, Howe Seymour (Thomas S. Guise), sent him to jail a long time ago for a crime he did not commit. So Seymour helps him escape the long arm of the law, the necklace is returned, and Farrel and Crabbe take their leave.