Time Lock No. 776 (1915)

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Comedian Joe Welch has the lead role in this picture, which seems to put its emphasis on the drama part of comedy-drama. Issac Abrahams (Welch) runs a jewelry store with his daughter Helen, an aspiring actress. Abrahams, who has patented a time lock and wants the funds to market it, becomes involved with an adventuress, Madge, and her partner, Jack Wayne. When Wayne discovers that a group of criminals are trying to get Abrahams to engrave a counterfeiting plate, he joins forces with them. Madge offers to introduce Helen to some people who will help her acting career, and uses this ruse to kidnap her. The crooks tell Abrahams that they will return his daughter -- once he finishes engraving a counterfeit plate and turns over the blue prints to the time lock. So Abrahams gets to work, but demands to see Helen to make sure she is still alive. They bring her out, and Abrahams continues his engraving. But finally the secret service, aided by Helen's sweetheart Nathan and the uncle of Abrahams' two adopted children, break in and arrest the crooks.