Three Wise Crooks (1925)

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Evelyn Brent played a series of lady crooks in the 1920s -- but of course, they all reformed in the end. This F.B.O. production is typical of her films. After swindling a diamond merchant, Dolly Duvans (Brent) makes a getaway with her associates, Dan Pelton (Bruce Gordon) and Spug Casey (John Gough). Dolly goes to the country to visit Ma Dickenson (Fanny Midgley), who had befriended her in the city. Dolly may be a crook herself, but when she discovers that the village banker Silas Wetherby and a slimy oil promoter named Wadsworth have sold Ma some phony oil stock -- and that they plan to cheat the rest of the townsfolk out of their savings -- she is incensed. She sends for her two pals and they set out to halt the duo's wrongdoings. Detective Grogan (William Humphrey) is also after Wadsworth, who plans to rob Wetherby's bank -- with Wetherby's aid, of course. When they open the safe, however, they find that the money is already gone. Dolly, Pelton, and Casey have taken it for safe-keeping until it can be returned to its rightful owners. Pelton manages to snag a piece of paper which incriminates Wetherby. This note saves Dolly when she falls under suspicion. Once the bad guys are rounded up, Dolly and Pelton unite and go straight, while Casey weds one of the village girls, Betsy Ann Morgan (Dodo Newton).