Three Rings and a Goat (1915)

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This two-reeler was the second episode in a comedy serial called The New Adventures of J. Rufus Wallingford, taken from the cartoon character featured in Cosmopolitan magazine. Burr McIntosh was featured in the title role. Wallingford and his partner, Blackie Daw (Max Figman), have set out to settle the score with a group of men who swindled the father of Violet Warden (Lolita Robertson). The main perpetrator is Elias Boggers, who reaped 40 thousand dollars from Mr. Warden's death. Wallingford gets the money back by selling a circus to Boggers for 65 thousand dollars. The circus performers (most of them Wallingford associates in disguise) make Boggers' life miserable so he sells it back for 25 grand. Wallingford and Daw hand the 40 thousand dollar profit to Violet. Playing a bit part as a circus clown is Oliver Hardy, who was still a newcomer to motion pictures; he wouldn't team up with Stan Laurel for another dozen years.