Threads of Fate (1917)

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Threads of Fate was a Columbia production -- not the "torch lady" Columbia Pictures of the talkie era, but instead a division of Metro Studios. Running six reels, the film was a distinct letdown for star Viola Dana, who'd previously starred in a group of lively contemporary dramas under the direction of her husband John H. Collins. Here Dana plays the long-suffering Dorothea, who grows up unaware that the Wentworths are not her real parents, and that she was left on their doorstep when her real mother and father separated. As a young woman, she meets and falls in love with Dr. Grant Hunter (Richard Tucker). The Wentworths are left a fortune which includes a mine, and Dorothea's foster mother, Sarah (Helen Strickland), becomes very ambitious socially. A man comes around, posing as a Marquis, who is actually encouraging the mine's labor problems. Sarah only sees his "title," however, and wants Dorothea to marry him. She refuses, and Sarah angrily reveals Dorothea's origins. Meanwhile, Dorothea's real father, Jim Gregory (Robert Whittier) comes back into the picture. He discovers that Marcella, Dorothea's real mother (Nellie Grant) is the Marquis' mistress. A plot to kidnap Dorothea is foiled, and she winds up with the doctor she loves.