Thousand Dollar Husband (1916)

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College student Douglas Gordon (Tom Forman) throws his father's money around like there's an endless supply. Unfortunately there isn't, and his father (Theodore Roberts) goes broke. Douglas loses the last of his funds to some cardsharps just as Olga Nelson (Blanche Sweet), the dormitory maid, gains an inheritance. There's a catch, however: she will get $10,000 if she marries before her next birthday. Since she's infatuated with Douglas, and he needs the money, she pays him to marry her. After the wedding, Douglas returns to school while Olga heads west to the estate she's inherited. Accompanying her are the cardsharps and an older woman, who is supposed to teach her how to be a lady. Douglas comes out west himself, and is pleased to find that Olga has taken her lessons in being a lady to heart. He's not so thrilled to note that one of the cardsharps is trying to force her into marriage. Of course, by now Douglas has realized that he loves Olga himself, so he rescues her. The police track down the cardsharps and Douglas and Olga really become husband and wife.