Thoroughbred (1916)

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Major Ainslee (Frank Keenan) is a Southern gentleman who has fallen on hard times. His one asset (not counting his daughter, Betty -- played by Margaret Thompson) is his horse Miss Minta, and he's counting on her to win the upcoming races. But a new minister, the Reverend Thomas Hayden (George Fisher), comes to town and even though he falls in love with Betty, he is intent on getting a law passed to end horse racing in the state. It goes through, setting the major on the brink of ruin. His only chance is to enter Miss Minta in a race in an adjoining state, but he can't raise the thousand dollars to get her there. Hayden (who is on the outs with Betty over all this) offers the money to Ainslee, but he proudly refuses to take it. However, he gets around that by giving the money to one of the major's pals and having him hand it over. This ploy works, and Miss Minta wins the race. When Ainslee finds out that Hayden was responsible for making this possible, he offers him anything he wants. Hayden, of course, asks for Betty.