This Life : Secrets and Wives (1997)

Run Time - 45 min.  |   Countries - United Kingdom   |  
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In the penultimate episode of This Life, the countdown to Miles' wedding continues. Francesca (Rachel Fielding) frets to Anna (Daniela Nardini) about coming clean with Miles (Jack Davenport) about the fact that she's actually 36, not 31 -- ten years older than her husband-to-be. Meanwhile, Miles tries to make it up to Ferdy (Ramon Tikaram) for messing things up between him and Lenny (Tony Curran). Lenny's actually forgiven Ferdy for his emotional and sexual peccadilloes, but the pair milk Miles' guilt for all it's worth. The feud between Milly (Amita Dhiri) and Anna continues, raising the suspicions of Milly's cuckolded boyfriend, Egg (Andrew Lincoln) -- who's busy trying to organize a stag night for best buddy Miles. Anna ends up accompanying the group out on the town, throwing her sobriety to the wind and setting the stage for true confessions between herself and Miles. "I love you, Anna," he tells her. "I always have done and I always will." Then he tells her he'll call off his wedding if she reciprocates. Anna tells him it's his decision and refuses to say how she feels. Elsewhere, nosy Rachel (Natasha Little) begins to put two and two together about the illicit affair between O'Donnell and Milly. Later, Milly does some spying of her own learns that lover O'Donnell (David Mallinson) has gotten back with his wife without telling her. The poor girl ends up drinking herself into unconsciousness at home, only to be discovered by Egg when he returns. Series two, episode 20 of the cult-favorite British soap, This Life: Secrets and Wives first aired on BBC 2 on July 31, 1997.