Third Woman (1920)

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Luke Halliday (Carlyle Blackwell) is engaged to a shallow society girl who he thinks that he loves. But then he meets the sweet, simple Marcelle Riley (Gloria Hope), the daughter of a man (George Hernandez) who was his father's former partner in the West. This time he really falls in love, but the romance is thwarted by a blackmailer who tells Luke that his mother was an Indian, thus making him a half-breed -- the kiss of death in a day where racial prejudice was commonly accepted. So Luke leaves his home in the East and goes to live among the Pueblo Indians in Arizona. Even though he tries to embrace their lifestyle and even becomes engaged to an Indian maiden, he turns out to be a white man at heart. He leaves the tribe, and when he runs into the blackmailer, he tries to kill him. Just then, Marcelle and her father show up and stop him. Neither father nor daughter care about his racial mix (making them rather enlightened for the '20s), so Luke can be happy with the woman he loves.